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The LORD said: “I tell you the Youth will bring in a great revival. They will receive greater revelations, preach powerful sermons. Their worship will be anointed. Their singing, and their prayer will be a sweet savor to ME! Because of obedience the scales will fall from their eyes. They will see clearly the definition of My purpose and plan. The FIRE I set in them will not be put out. The more hindering forces come the closer they will draw to drink from the Fountain that increases and will not decrease. “

3b. We are planning to build Youth Centers all around America, and maybe around the world, as HE directs. The LORD gave us a prototype to begin in Winslow AZ.

3c. These Youth Centers will have living quarters for two Pastors and a family, so there is someone on call 24/7. Click here to see a diagram of the Youth Center and Pastors quarters.

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